The June and July ramp builds were well attended once again.  Everybody had a great time!




Ramp Build #14

June 14, 2014

Ms Virginia Gibbs

1919 Leander St

Georgetown TX

44 ft ramp

43 man hours


Those present: Stuart Garner, Stub Stubblefield, Larry Bingham, Bill Connor, Larry Baird, Robert LeCour, Bruce Britain, Wiley Rudasill, George Lourigan, Rick Kennon, Jenn Hughes, and Myra Page.



Ramp Build #15

July 12, 2014


PR 932, Sp 32

Weir, TX

52 man hours


Those present: Gene Davenport, Bill Connor, Rick Kennon, Curtis Wren, Brian Dieringer (and son), Stub Stubblefield, Robert LeCour, Cris Cash, Randy Mongold, George and Bryce Lourigan, Larry Baird, Jenn Hughes, and Myra Page.


Also, Phil Baker and Phil Johnson painted ramps on Saturday.


Thank you all!