Posted by Denis Pepin on Feb 08, 2019
On February 8th, our local Georgetown Rotary Club was the victim of a "full-on" frontal attack from Jim Comer, a noted communications consultant.  His dynamic approach to teaching us how to "Harness the Power of Authenticity to Connect" was enthusiastically received by all attendees.  He makes it clear that effective communication is critical to advancing your goals.
He provided anecdotal tips as to how to conquer the fear of public speaking.  Start by "being yourself" and introducing your initial audience connection with a story.  A key element was the use of "eye contact", ensuring that you are engaging your audience.  Effective use of hands and movement around the setting ensures an entertaining delivery.  And a smile always helps!
Jim has spent over thirty years as a coach and workshop leader, working with corporations, associations and professionals from a myriad of  industries.  His enthusiastic delivery is a treat to behold.