Posted by Denis Pepin on Oct 14, 2018
On October 13th, volunteers from our Georgetown Rotary Club visited Leander, Texas to build its 43rd ramp.  Mrs. Ellen Munroe was the beneficiary of this new build.  She recently lost her husband who had the specific need but the club agreed to proceed with the project as Mrs. Munroe has the continuing need for such a ramp.  She asked us to thank all of those involved in the build.
The Club was ably assisted by members and parents of the Interact Clubs from Forbes Middle School and the Benold Middle School.  This was the second build for a number of the students and they are becoming skilled at many of the aspects of ramp building.  The Club thanks them for their participation.
The Club has been working with the Texas Ramp Project for a number of years, providing ramps for those with special needs disabilities.
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