Auction Update 
Your auction committee is hard at work to make this year's auction a great one, but in order for the auction to be successful, we need your help too. If each member would do the following three things, we can have the best auction ever. 

1.     Sign up to purchase two bottles of wine. Sign-ups will be on the tables on Friday. Or you can bring a bottle of Bogle Cabernet, and a bottle of Bogle Chardonnay. If all our wine is donated, we can save on expenses, and more money will be available for our projects.

2.     Buy an ad in the catalog to showcase your business. A business card ad is $25; a half-page ad is $50; and a full page ad is $100. At these prices, you get a real bargain. A form will be on the tables on Friday.

3.     Procure an item for the auction. Many of you have vendors, friends, and contacts who would be glad to donate an item. Please ask. No one will donate if they are not asked. Donate something yourself. Several members have purchased items or have offered dinners or services that will be great items for the auction. Procurement forms will be on your table on Friday. To date, we have 38 items, not nearly enough to raise our goal. Please check the posters hanging by the kitchen door for updates on procured items.

Congratulations to the club for purchasing all 40 tables by March 1. If you have purchased a table, please e-mail your attendees as soon as possible to Barbara Garland, If you are having trouble filling your table, let Barbara know, so she can give you names from the waiting list. If you did not get a table and need a seat, please let Barbara know so you can get on the waiting list.

Thanks for your help,

Your Auction Committee