Mentoring for Georgetown Public Schools
Aug 26, 2022
Tom Whorton
Mentoring for Georgetown Public Schools
Tom Whorton has been a member of the Rotary Club of Georgetown since 2018. He currently serves as the chair of the Mentoring Committee for the Rotary Club of Georgetown. He has mentored children since 1992 and is a dedicated advocate for mentoring. During today's program, he will share the role of mentor and how volunteers can partner with GISD to encourage and empower children through an intergenerational mentoring experience. 
What are mentors? Mentors are:
  • A friend - be supportive, be helpful, and be honest with your mentee - acknowledge your imperfections and share your strengths so that they learn from you. And most important: be a good listener.
  • A role model - you are expected to set a good example to the mentee. It’s important that they see you as someone they want to look up to, and that you’re an advocate for them when dangers to their physical or emotional health and well-being are present.
  • A confidant - it’s important that you are as supportive as you can be, and help them realize their potential, regardless of the kinds of actions or attitudes they share with you.
  • A nurturer of possibilities - encourage your mentee to channel their gifts toward actions that make them a resource to others, whether at home, school, or in the community.
Learn from Tom how you can sign up to be a mentor and positively affect a life.