Rotary Club of Georgetown Charter Date/Members

Chartered February 28, 1962 – Sponsored by Taylor

Sam H. Brady, Dr. Durwood Fleming, J.H. Compton, Charles Forbes, Ernest Grigsby, Lloyd Crabb, Jr., A.C. Woodfin, C.S. Sanders, Gilbert Conoley, J.D.F. Williams, A.F. Davis, M. Howard Knox, John V. Berglund, J.P. Kerr, Sheridan D. Cavitt, Jr., Floyd H. Engvall, Robert F.B. Morse, Wallace M. Giddings, R.B. Motheral, J.T. Atkin, W.R. Stump, Fred Bell, Harold Gattis, J.H. McCoy, E.C. Girvin. 

Clubs Chartered by Rotary Club of Georgetown
Georgetown Sunrise – Chartered on March 20, 1996, sponsored by Georgetown.
Georgetown Sun City – Chartered on October 24, 1997, sponsored by Georgetown and Georgetown Sunrise.
Round Rock – Chartered April 1, 1983 sponsored by Georgetown.

Past President Past District Governors
1961-1962 Sam H. Brady DG I.A. Shepherd, Taylor
1962-1963 Sam H. Brady DG James Simpson, Hallettsville
1963-1964 Durwood Fleming DG Patrick Taggart, Waco
1964-1965 Buster Compton DG Calvin I. Matthews, Yoakum
1965-1966 Thatcher Atkin DG Maurice Acers, Austin
1966-1967 Floyd Engvall DG Arthur Kasper, Shiner
1967-1968 John Berglund DG Carl Welhausen, Yoakum
1968-1969 Bill Stump DG Thomas H. Little, Cleburne
1969-1970 Charles Forbes DG Dave Smith, Austin
1970-1971 Robert F. B. Morse DG Sam Gardner, Northwest Waco
1971-1972 Bill Ludwig DG R.J. “Jack” Forrest, Mexia
1972-1973 Wallace Giddings DG Thomas Bullion, Taylor
1973-1974 William “BillyBob” Eanes DG Richard S. "Dick" Merrill, South Austin
1974-1975 Mearl Leffler DG Wilson E. “Pat”Speir, Austin
1975-1976 Armistead “Armpy” Davis DG C.E. “Gene” Neal, Fairfield
1976-1977 Eb Girvin DG Colin “Ick” Hook, Killeen
1977-1978 Jim Cole DG Vann Taylor, Temple
1978-1979 Connie Venable DG W.H. “Bill” Bradfield, Shiner
1979-1980 Paul Williams DG D.L. Alford, Jr., Caldwell
1980-1981 Elvin Gentry DG James L. Lilly, Northwest Waco
1981-1982 Bill Connor DG Erroll Wendland, Temple
1982-1983 Tom Buckner DG Herman Focke, Mexia
1983-1984 Norm Peters DG William I. Jordan, Bosque Co. (Clifton)
1984-1985 Virgil Carlson DG Virgil Waggoner, South Austin
1985-1986 Billy Smith DG John K. Braselton, Northwest Austin
1986-1987 Tom Locke DG Bobby Parker, Belton
1987-1988 Larry Bingham DG Joe Lee Kirgan, Jr., Fairfield
1988-1989 Mo McKinney DG Robert Adams, Killeen
1989-1990 Richard “Andy” AndersonDG Jose Guerra, South Austin
1990-1991 Billy Ray Stubblefield DG James R. “Jim” Witte, Yoakum
1991-1992 Paul Dabney DG Harry B. Macey Jr., Temple
1992-1993 Wade Todd DG James Stoner, Austin
1993-1994 Don Hewlett DG P.Clift Price, Austin University
1994-1995 Mike McMaster DG John M. “Mike” Pinson, Killeen Heights
1995-1996 Bill Bryce DG Gonzalo Garza, Northwest Austin
1996-1997 Jim Albers DG John P. Salem Jr. , Marble Falls
1997-1998 Bill Bayer DG James V. “Jim” Robinson, North Austin
1998-1999 Judy Shanklin DG Billy D. Archibald, Mexia
1999-2000 Nelson Barrett DG William Bryce, Georgetown
2000-2001 Tom Owens DG Patsy Long Derr, Killeen Heights
2001-2002 Gene Davenport DG Rex Weaver, Killeen
2002-2003 Kay Trub DG Tom Chamberlain, Temple
2003-2004 Eileen Hegar DG Barbara Warden, Marble Falls
2004-2005 Ron Swain DG Gene Davenport, Georgetown
2005-2006 Tim Harris DG Ed Mullen, Killeen Heights
2006-2007 Ken Anderson DG James Osbon, Austin Oak Hill
2007-2008 O.L. Davis DG Barry Curlee, Austin
2008-2009 Tom Crawford DG Ronald Reynolds, Austin
2009-2010 Wilson Morris DG Tim Buckley, Austin Northwest
2010-2011 Robert Hardy DG Ruth Allison, South Austin
2011-2012 Laura Antoine DG Suresh Pahwa, Austin University

Rotary International Service Above Self Award Recipients
Rotary’s highest honor for individual Rotarians. The award recognizes up to 150 Rotarians annually who have demonstrated exemplary humanitarian service, with an emphasis on personal volunteer efforts and active involvement in helping others through Rotary.

2009-2010 Gene E. Davenport

District Roll of Fame Recipients
Formally established in the 1957-1958 Rotary Year. Selection to the District’s Roll of Fame represents the highest award that may be conferred by the District to an individual Rotarian. Each honoree is nominated by the President of the Club.
1965 Durward Fleming 1978 W.P. Ludwig. Jr. 1984 William H. Connor
1990 Larry Bingham 2002 Virgil Franklin Carlson 2005 William D. Bryce
2006 Gene Davenport 2007 Jim Albers 2008 Billy Ray Stubblefield
2009 Kay Trub 2010 Ronald L. Swain

Sam Brady Award Recipients
Since 2002, and in memory of Sam Brady, the Georgetown Rotary Club awards a Paul Harris Fellow to a member of the community who is not a Rotarian, but whose contributions to the community at large exemplify the ideals of Service Above Self.

2002 Patsy Brady (deceased), Sam's spouse
2003 JoAnne Ford, Educator (deceased)
2004 Harold Steadman, fund-raiser (later became a Rotarian, now in Sun City Club)
2005 Ethel Moore, Community volunteer
2006 Barbara Pearce, Community leader
2007 Barbara and George Brightwell, Community leaders
2008 Douglas Benold, Retired physician, Community leader
2009 Nancy Krenek, Owner/creator of the R.O.C.K.
2010 Rusty Winkstern, Monument owner/manager
2011 Vic Figurelli, Community volunteer

Club Honorary Members
1. Dr. Kitty Cardwell - graduated from Georgetown High School.  B.S. degree at UT and doctorate in Plant Pathology from Texas A&M. Volunteered for the Peace Corps and spent several years in Colombia. Went to Nigeria to work for the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. While there she was instrumental in obtaining a Rotary Foundation $500,000.00 grant to increase awareness of the dangers of aflatoxin in the food supply. This club was the driving force in obtaining this grant. After 12 years in West Africa, she returned to the U.S. and is currently employed by the U.S.D.A. She travels extensively in her work, and has made several trips to Haiti. Kitty is the daughter of Fran and Virgil Carlson.
2. Frieda Davidson – wife of James Davidson. Frieda brings husband James and attends our meetings.
3. Art Goethe – would outsell everyone during the fruit sale fund raiser. Had 39 years perfect attendance before health problems. Wife was a food server.
4. John King – Owner of Heritage Printing and Office Supplies and printed the San Gabriel Trumpet for years and years.
5. Judi Shanklin – 1998-1999 past president. First female club president.
6. Bill Ludwig – 1971-1972 past president and was the club’s photographer for many years. Had 40 years of perfect attendance before becoming honorary member.

Past Club Honorary Members
1. Delores Garza – past honorary member. Wife of Gonzalo Garza became honorary member when Frieda Davidson became honorary in 2003. Would attend with husband Gonzalo.

Rotary International Youth Exchange Students
1. Cristina Mestres (Vilanova, I.La.Getru, Barcelona) 1997-1998
2. Fred Bayers (Welkenraedt, Liege, Belgium) 1998-1999
3. Angie Pasqualis (Mendoza, Mendoza, Argentina) 2000-2001
4. Phili Jahn (Bad Harzburg, Niedersachsen, Germany) 2001-2002

Foundation Program Involvement Toward World Peace and Understanding
3-H Grant – (1) $500,000 – 1998, Nigeria, Africa to increase awareness of the dangers of Aflatoxin in the food supply. Monitoring labs were set up in 3 African countries and personnel trained to test grain samples in the marketplace. Model farms were established to teach poultry farms how to properly use diseased grain that has been treated. Tours were set up for other farmers to see the difference and how the model farm was structured. A public awareness campaign was launched to educate the urban population in the three countries warning against consumption of the diseased grain.

Humanitarian Matching Grants (11)-$390,225
1. 1999-2000 Ciudad Victoria (CV) - upgrading of surgical rooms of Hospital Civil in CV – ($40,000).
2. 2000-2001 Georgetown – medical equipment in the Medical Clinic (now Lone Star Circle of Care) - ($40,000).
3. 2002-2003 Ciudad Victoria – neonatal equipment – ($49,000)
4. 2004-2005 Georgetown – equipment for Caring Place – ($39,000)
5. 2006-2007 Ciudad. Victoria TB clinic, equip.- ($41,000)
6. 2008-2009 Georgetown - equipment and tractor for R.O.C.K.- ($30,000)
7. 2009-2010 Ciudad Victoria - supplies, materials, and equipment for ReHab Center – ($30,000)
8. 2010-2011 Georgetown - equipment, furniture, and supplies for The NEST – ($35,000)
9. 2010-2011 Nepal – medical equipment ($20,850)
10. 2011-2012 Ciudad Victoria – children’s hospital ambulance ($49,250)
11. 2011-2012 Nepal – dialysis ambulance ($16,125)

District Assistance Grants - $29,250
1. 2004-05 Literacy/Library Project at Williams Elementary - ($3,000)
2. 2005-06 Willie Hall Center AC/Heating equipment – ($5,890)
3. 2006-07 Shoes, clothing, school supplies for homeless children - ($3,625)
4. 2008-09 Children’s playground equipment, Boys and Girls Club - ($3,935)
5. 2009-10 Two part DAP, Wesleyn at Estrella benches and equipment ($3,360)
6. 2010-11 Blue Santa Teddy Bear project with police department – ($3,000)
7. 2011-12 Texas Light – ($3,800) 

Group Study Exchange
GSE Team Leaders (2) Gene Davenport-Germany 2001, Kay Trub-Italy 2009
GSE Team Members (1) Brian Dieringer-Czech Republic/Slovakia 2002

GSE Visiting Teams (7) *Hosted teams visiting District
1. 1999 South Korea - Dist 3870
2. 2001Germany - District 1850
3. 2002 Czech Republic – District 2240
4.2005 Mexico – District 4130
5. 2007 Australia – District 9710
6. 2008 Italy – District 2060
7. 2010 Japan – District 2660

*Hosted meaning: 1. Scheduled all team activities for the week in Georgetown and 2. Home-hosted each team member in a Rotarian's home, and 3. Managed all local transportation and meals other than those cared for by home hosts. In each case Sun City and Sunrise Clubs had a chance to host one of the team members as well.

Ambassadorial Scholars (3) $75,000
Alysson Ford - selected in summer of 2002 (England 2003-2004)-$25,000
John Nehme - selected in summer of 2009 (Australia 2009-2010)-$25,000
Maureen Johnson – SWU student selected as 2010 (Peru 2011-1012)-$25,000

Cultural Scholar (1) $10,000
Dr. Vanessa Sikes Villate – selected in the summer of 2009. Villate went to Taipei to expand studies in the Mandarin /Chinese language (2007-2008). Dr. Villate received her Ph.D degree in May of 2009. She was appointed Assistant Professor of Education at Lamar State University in September 2009, a position she continues to hold. In 2010, she was selected and served on the Rotary GSE team from her Rotary district that visited Brazil.

Other Projects
• Transportation Grant – $1,500 grant for the transportation of school supplies to Honduras.
• Libraries of Love - Belt Sanders and 200 bookends donated by Office Depot.
• Wheel Chair projects - with Haiti, Dominican Republic and Honduras $6,225
• Milaria Prevention Project - Mosquito Nets. $776
• Samoa Tsunami Relief - to help re-build destroyed school $1,700
• Japan Quake Relief – shelter box $1,000
• Books for Williams Elementary Library – Est. 480 books donated.
• Centennial Project with Sun City and Sun Rise – nature trail $10,000 - 2004.
• Firefighting equipment for Ciudad Victoria.
• District Mosquito Net Project - $776
• Rotaract Tribal Out Reach Medical - $1500
• Georgetown Public Library Reading program - $5,000
• Habitat for Humanity International $1,500
• RYLA – sponsoring youth to RYLA.
• Rotary Scholars
• High School Scholarships

Service Club Coalition
During 2011-2012, our Rotary Club joined in the Georgetown Service Club Coalition. The newly formed organization made up of three Rotary Clubs, three Kiwanis Clubs, Sertoma, Optimist, and The Georgetown Project. The mission is to annually raise through a collaborative effort for youth initiatives.

This group joined forces with The Williamson Museum to enhance the Cimarron Trails Day event as a community fund-raiser. The result was that we netted $7200 for the Museum and $7,200 for The NEST (the selected youth project for 2011-2012). We will continue to participate in this venture each year with the netted funds going to selected youth projects.

Club Foundation Support Achievements
2004-2005 $10,740 $123.45 Per Capita
2005-2006 $13,333 $133.33 Per Capita
2006-2007 $27,301 $252.79 Per Capita
2007-2008 $15,585 $147.03 Per Capita
2008-2009 $19,014 $179.38 Per Capita
2009-2010 $16,590 $145.53 Per Capita
2010-2011 $23,984 $208.56 Per Capita 

All time giving -*$338,992
*As of March 2, 2012

Club Recognition
• EREY Club for the past 5 years: (Every member made a contribution to the Rotary Foundation)
• Top 5 Club Per Capita in our District
• Paul Harris Fellows in club - 76
• Paul Harris Fellows awarded - 213
• Benefactors – 11
• Bequest Society – 5
• Major Donors – 5

Rotary Membership
Ended the year with 52 members in 1960.

Rotary Auction
First Auction raised $1,278 under Norm Peters during 1983-84. Did not continue.

BBQ and Auction start
Started under president Tom Owens in 2001

Golf Tournament
Wallace Giddings championed the golf tournament under President Norm Peters in the 1983-84 year and it continues today!

Fish Fry
Virgil Carlson and Larry Bingham initiated the Fish Fry in 1984. During Virgil Carlson’s presidency.

Fruit Sale
Started in fall of 2000 – Tom Owens was club president. Ended in 2005.

Valentines Dinner
Held under Norm Peters during the 1983-1984 year.

Garage Sale
Began in 1999 – under the leadership of President Judy Shanklin.

First woman
Judy Duer (now in Temple Club) was our first female member in 1989. She was the Head Librarian for the Georgetown Public Library. Rotary International allowed women to join beginning July 1, 1989.

Books for Williams Elementary Library
In 2002, the club under the presidency of Kay Trub began to provide books to the Williams Elementary Library in honor of our guest speakers. The program is known as the Blue Bonnet Book Award. It is estimated that 480 books have been donated (48 per year).

Rotary Dictionary
The Rotary dictionary was developed in 1989 and contains 2,446 entries in American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish. Claude O. Proctor and Georgetown Rotary Club used to have royalty rights to it. It’s been reprinted again. It’s being used at Gallaudet University in Washington, D. C. and being sold as a text book.

Women Presidents
• Judi Shanklin – 1st female club president, 1998-1999
• Kay Trub – 2nd female club president, 2002-2003
• Eileen Hegar – 3rd female club president 2003-2004
• Laura Antoine – 4th female club president, 2011-2012

Rotary Foundation Group Study Exchange
The program is a unique cultural and vocational exchange opportunity for businesspeople and professionals between the ages of 25 and 40 who are in the early stages of their careers. The program provides travel grants for teams to exchange visits in paired areas of different countries. For four to six weeks, team members experience the host country's culture and institutions, observe how their vocations are practiced abroad, develop personal and professional relationships, and exchange ideas.

Ambassadorial Scholars
Our club has sponsored three Ambassadorial Scholars. Since 1947, a total of $532 million has been awarded to 41,000 men and women. Students are awarded individual $25,000 grants.

Cultural Scholar
Our club sponsored one cultural scholar.

Rotary International Youth Exchange Students
RI Youth Exchange Students spend up to a year living with host families and attending school in a different country. More than 80 countries and over 8,000 students each year participate in the program, which is administered at the regional level by Rotary districts and at the local level by Rotary clubs.

RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Awards
RYLA is Rotary's leadership training program for young people. RYLA participants can be ages 14-30, but most clubs and districts choose to focus on a narrower age range, such as 14-18 or 19-30. RYLA emphasizes leadership, citizenship, and personal growth, and aims to;
• Demonstrate Rotary's respect and concern for youth
• Provide an effective training experience for selected youth and potential leaders
• Encourage leadership of youth by youth
• Recognize publicly young people who are rendering service to their communities
Our club has sponsored youth to RYLA camps since inception. It is estimated that our club has sponsored 16 youth to date.

RYLA was discontinued at the request of District Governor Mike McMaster and the program was dormant for about ten years. RYLA began again in D5870 July of 2004. Gene Davenport was DG in 04-05, and was on planning team to initiate it during the first month of his governorship.

Rotaract Club was formed in 2002. Kay Trub was the President at the time. She and the other two club Rotary Presidents that year came out to give the Rotaract Club their first banner, bell and gavel.

Interact was formed at Georgetown High School in 2000 under President Tom Owens. Interact at Eastview High School applied for a charter in 2011 under President Laura Antoine.
Rotary Scholars Program
For over 30 years the Georgetown Noon Rotary Club has honored Georgetown High School students in recognition of high academic achievement. Students represent the top 5% by grade point average of the 2011 Graduating Seniors. Many of these students demonstrate involvement in a multitude of extra-curricular activities, are members of civic and service organizations, actively involved in church groups and hold part-time jobs.

Norm Peters and Bill Connor started the program in 1981. Today Rotary provides a college dictionary as a gift recognizing their achievement and there is a student initiated Teacher recognition in which our club gives a stipend of $100 to each teacher.

High School Scholarships
It is estimated that the Rotary Club has given $250,000 since 1962.
(Each year we give an average of $10,000 in scholarships; $1,500 to the first college student in their family; and $1,000 to a teacher. This totals $12,500 every year.)(10 years at $1,000 - $5,000 annually and 20 Years at $10,000+ annually)

Longest serving Rotarian (Man/Woman)
• Howard Burt has been a Rotarian since 1962 - (49 years).
• Honorary member, Bill Ludwig has been a Rotarian since 1968 - (44 years).
• Patricia Stevenson has been a Rotarian since 1988 - (23 years).
• Honorary member, Judy Shanklin has been a Rotarian since 1991 - (21 years).

Longest serving member of Georgetown Rotary Club.
• Bill Connor has served in our club since 1972 - (40 years).
• Paula Brent has served in our club since 2001 - (11 years).
Longest Perfect Attendance
• Gonzalo Garza – 28 years. 

Trumpet to members
Since 2002, Howard Burt has been providing the trumpet newsletter to those who miss the meetings.

Coke Bottle Award
Awarded for un-glorious performance. It is an empty coke bottle sawed in half and glued to a plague with special recognition behind the plaque for no - glory. Part of the fun is the past recipient gets to award the new recipient.